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Batak - Society - Ritual Cannibalism
1820s studied the Batak and their rituals and laws regarding the consumption of human flesh, writing in detail about the transgressions that warranted such an act ... and that for certain crimes a criminal would be eaten alive “The flesh is eaten raw or grilled, with lime, salt and a little rice.” ... injustice when it is said that they sell human flesh in the markets, and that they slaughter their old people as soon as they are unfit for work...They eat human flesh only in wartime ...
Taboo Food And Drink - Taboo Food - Primates - Humans
... Force Flight 571, and Martin Hartwell Of all the taboo meat, human flesh ranks as the most proscribed ... In recent times humans have consumed the flesh of fellow humans in rituals and out of insanity, hatred, or overriding hunger — never as a common part of their diet, but it is ... by other religions, the consumption of human flesh is forbidden by Hinduism ...
Zhu Can - Defeat and Death
... Duan, intending to insult Zhu, asked, "I heard that you liked to eat human flesh ... What does human flesh taste like?" Zhu responded, "An alcoholic human's flesh tastes like wine-marinated pork." Duan, insulted by the response, cursed Zhu, "You bandit! Once you get ...

Famous quotes containing the words flesh and/or human:

    The flesh of the weak is eaten by the strong.
    Chinese proverb.

    All human race would fain be wits.
    And millions miss, for one that hits.
    Jonathan Swift (1667–1745)