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Science And Technology Of The Han Dynasty - Structural Engineering and Public Works - Ceramic Model Buildings
... capping and concealing the ceiling rafters, human figures peering out the windows or standing on the balconies, door knockers, and pets such as dogs in the bottom courtyard ... towers (center and right), one with a first-floor courtyard and human figures on the top-floor balcony, along with other buildings A mid Western Han to early Eastern Han ...
Society And Culture Of The Han Dynasty - Arts and Crafts
... pursuits) crafting miniature plaster carts, earthenware statues of dogs, horses, and human figures of singers and actors, and children's toys ... shapes and sizes, bronze items such as raised-relief decorated mirrors, oil lamps in the shape of human figures, and gilded bronzewares, glazed ceramic wares with various incised ... Human figurine sculptures found in Han tombs were placed there to perform various functions for the deceased in the afterlife, such as dancing and playing music for ...
Poser - Program History
... Early versions of Poser were bundled with fully clothed humanoid figures specifically designed for the then-current version of Poser ... Next, add-on packages of human figures were sold by the manufacturer of Poser ... Soon, third party companies began creating figures which work with Poser ...
Wall Painting In Turkey - Iron Age - Archaic Period
... and has three separate profile views of human figures ... one behind the other with many additional figures in a procession around the tomb chamber, possibly bearing gifts for the deceased ... influence is evident from the servant costume worn by one figure that reflects costumes seen at Darius I's palace at Susa ...
Leucippotomy - Human Figures - Homer Simpson
... As a publicity stunt for the opening of The Simpsons Movie on 16 July 2007, a giant Homer Simpson brandishing a doughnut was outlined in water-based biodegradable paint to the left of the Cerne Abbas giant ... This act angered local neopagans, who pledged to perform rain magic to wash the figure away ...

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    The human heart concerns us more than the poring into microscopes, and is larger than can be measured by the pompous figures of the astronomer.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    ... we’ve allowed a youth-centered culture to leave us so estranged from our future selves that, when asked about the years beyond fifty, sixty, or seventy—all part of the average human life span providing we can escape hunger, violence, and other epidemics—many people can see only a blank screen, or one on which they project fear of disease and democracy.
    Gloria Steinem (b. 1934)