Household Cavalry

The term Household Cavalry is used across the Commonwealth to describe the cavalry of the Household Divisions, a country’s most elite or historically senior military groupings or those military groupings that provide functions associated directly with the Head of state.

Canada's Governor General's Horse Guards, India's President's Bodyguard and Pakistan's President's Bodyguard are typical Household Cavalry regiments, employing armoured vehicles for combat duties and equestrian units for ceremonial functions. When used without national qualification, however, the term generally refers to the Household Cavalry of the British Army.

The British Household Cavalry is made up of two regiments of the British armed forces, the Life Guards and the Blues and Royals (Royal Horse Guards and 1st Dragoons). These regiments are divided between the Armoured Regiment stationed at Combermere Barracks in Windsor and the ceremonial mounted unit stationed at Knightsbridge Barracks, London at the HCMR (Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment).

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Gold Stick And Silver Stick
... The Gold Stick and the Silver Stick are bodyguard positions in the British Royal Household, personal attendants to the Sovereign on ceremonial occasions ... Colonels of the Life Guards (LG) and the Blues and Royals (RHG/D), Regiments of the Household Cavalry of the Household Division ... Stick conveys the Sovereign's orders to the Household Cavalry ...
Corporal Of Horse
... of horse (CoH) is a rank in the British Army's Household Cavalry corresponding to sergeant in other regiments ... Formerly, no cavalry regiments had sergeants, but the Household Cavalry are the only ones to keep this tradition alive ... Since even the lowliest trooper in the Household Cavalry was once a gentleman, it was considered that such a rank was inappropriate ...
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... destined for the King's Troop, Royal Horse Artillery and other parts of the Household Cavalry ... Here, he was named Sefton after Lord Sefton, a former Household Cavalry officer, but was nicknamed 'Sharky' in the stable, due to his predereliction for biting ... he was moved to Wellington Barracks, London, and assigned to the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment, where he was broken in by Trooper McGregor, taking a longer than average time to ...
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... In 1815 they were part of The Household Brigade at the Battle of Waterloo ... and Royals in a 'Union' - not an amalgamation - forming the Household Cavalry Regiment (armoured reconnaissance) and the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment (ceremonial ... with the Blues and Royals, they have a peculiar non-commissioned rank structure see the Household Cavalry page for details ...

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