Hot Spot

Hot Spot

HotSpot is a Java virtual machine for desktops and servers, maintained and distributed by Oracle Corporation. It features techniques such as just-in-time compilation and adaptive optimization designed to improve performance.

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Hot Spot - Supported Platforms - Ports By Third Parties
... Porting HotSpot is difficult because the code, while primarily written in C++, contains a lot of assembly language ... To remedy this, the IcedTea project has developed a generic port of the HotSpot interpreter called zero-assembler Hotspot (or zero), with almost no assembly code ...
Hot Spot (cricket)
... Hot Spot is an infra-red imaging system used in cricket to determine whether the ball has struck the batsman, bat or pad ... Hot Spot requires two infrared cameras on opposite sides of the ground above the field of play that are continuously recording an image ... can be verified by examining the infrared image, which usually shows a bright spot where contact friction from the ball has elevated the local ...
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... Set the hot spot of a static cursor or of a frame of an animated cursor ... The hot spot is a designated pixel that defines the clicking point ... Cursor editors must provide means to set the hot spot ...
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... higher gain are simply semi-glossy, and so exhibit more mirror-like properties, namely a bright "hot spot" in the screen—an enlarged (and greatly blurred) reflection of the projector’s lens ... Opinions differ as to when this "hot spotting" begins to be distracting, but most viewers do not notice differences as large as 30% in the image luminosity, unless ... Hot spotting is less of a problem with retroreflective high gain screens ...
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... Lamp adjustment, or bench focus, is used to achieve an even field of light, and to remove hot-spots which can destroy color filters ... The most common problem is the lamp dropping too low in the reflector, causing a hot spot at the bottom of the beam, and a dark area at the top ... the lamp further inside the reflector, creating a brighter hot spot in the beam ...

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