Henderson Field

Henderson Field is the name of several airports:

  • Henderson Field (Guadalcanal), a former military airfield on Guadalcanal Island in the Solomon Islands
  • Henderson Field (Midway Atoll) on Sand Island in Midway Atoll, an unincorporated territory of the United States.
  • Henderson Field (North Carolina) in Wallace, North Carolina, United States.

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Battle Of Cape Esperance - Background
... under construction at Lunga Point on Guadalcanal (later completed and named Henderson Field) ... Allied aircraft operating out of Henderson became known as the "Cactus Air Force" (CAF) after the Allied codename for Guadalcanal ... ship remaining within range of American aircraft at Henderson field, during the daylight hours—about 200 mi (170 nmi 320 km)—was in danger of damaging air attack ...
Matanikau Offensive - Background - Battle For Henderson Field
... Further information Battle for Henderson Field Between October 1 and October 17, the Japanese delivered 15,000 troops to Guadalcanal, giving Hyakutake 20,0 ... the main thrust of his planned attack would be from south of Henderson Field ... Matanikau which would have two objectives to drive the Japanese beyond artillery range of Henderson Field and to cut off the retreat of Maruyama's men towards the village of ...
Matanikau Offensive - Background - Guadalcanal Campaign
... The airfield was later named Henderson Field by Allied forces ... of the threat by CAF aircraft based at Henderson Field, the Japanese were unable to use large, slow transport ships to deliver troops and supplies to the island ... The first Japanese attempt to recapture Henderson Field failed when a 917-man force was defeated on August 21 in the Battle of the Tenaru ...
Battle Of Edson's Ridge
... The Marines were defending the Lunga perimeter that guarded Henderson Field on Guadalcanal, which was captured from the Japanese by the Allies in ... The main Japanese assault occurred around Lunga ridge south of Henderson Field, manned by troops from several U.S ... continued to send troops to Guadalcanal for further attempts to retake Henderson Field, affecting Japanese offensive operations in other areas of the South Pacific ...

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