The term "gunship" is used in several contexts, all sharing the general idea of a light craft armed with heavy guns.

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Gunship 2000
... Gunship 2000 is a helicopter combat flight simulator and is the sequel to Gunship by MicroProse ... The PlayStation version was retitled as simply Gunship, but was sometimes still referred to as Gunship 2000 ... Gunship 2000 significantly enhanced and expanded the features and gameplay from the original Gunship ...
Lockheed AC-130 - Operational History - Vietnam War
... The AC-130 gunship first arrived in South Vietnam on 21 September 1967 under the Gunship II program and began combat operations over Laos and South Vietnam that year ... By 30 October 1968 enough AC-130 Gunship IIs arrived to form a squadron, the 16th Special Operations Squadron (SOS) of the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing (TFW), at Ubon Royal Thai Air Force Base, Thailand ... It was at this time that the C-130A gunship was designated the AC-130A ...
Gunship 2000 - Sequel and Spiritual Successors
... MicroProse's GUNSHIP! was released in March 2000 and was not as successful, largely due to its unfinished state, arcade nature and the cancellation of M1 TANK PLATOON!, which it was supposed to ... these helicopter titles share some common features pioneered in Gunship 2000, especially the crew management and in some cases, mission structure ... Longbow 2, were spiritual successors to Gunship 2000 ...