Some articles on grows:

... It grows from Coquimbo to Chiloe (36 to 42°S) ... It grows on a variety of soils and humidity ... It grows on poor soils near ravines ...
Salvia Reptans
... It typically grows in dry stream beds and gravelly soils ... The other form, which is native to western Texas and is not cultivated, grows upright to 3 feet in height ... glabra also grows wild in Texas ...
Salvia Flava
... It grows on hillsides and along streambanks in gravelly soil with maples, willows, viburnum, berberis, and clematis ... It grows over 2 ft tall with rich grassy green leaves that are about 3 in long with a puckered surface and pointed tip ... In summer the flower stalk grows to 2 ft long, with yellow to yellow-brown flowers with a purple spot on the lower lip ...
Chrysothamnus Viscidiflorus
... to California to Nebraska, where it grows in sagebrush and woodland habitat ... It grows easily in alkaline and saline soils, and thrives on soils that are rich in calcium ... This shrub grows up to about 1.5 meters in height with spreading brittle pale-colored stem branches ...
Solanum Torvum - Ecology
... In Puerto Rico, turkey berry grows in upland sites that receive from about 1000 to 4000 mm of annual precipitation ... It also grows in riparian zones in drier areas ... Turkey berry grows on all types of moist, fertile soil at elevations from near sea level to almost 1,000 m in Puerto Rico (Little and others 1974) and 2,000 m in Papua New Guinea (Pacific Island ...

Famous quotes containing the word grows:

    The light, the turf, and all that grows now urge
    The uncertain dweller blinking to emerge....
    Philip Larkin (1922–1986)

    Now I am terrified at the Earth, it is that calm and patient,
    It grows such sweet things out of such corruptions,
    It turns harmless and stainless on its axis, with such endless
    successions of diseas’d corpses,
    It distills such exquisite winds out of such infused fetor,
    It renews with such unwitting looks its prodigal, annual, sumptuous
    It gives such divine materials to men, and accepts such leavings
    from them at last.
    Walt Whitman (1819–1892)

    You may chisel a boy into shape, as you would a rock, or hammer him into it, if he be of a better kind, as you would a piece of bronze. But you cannot hammer a girl into anything. She grows as a flower does.
    John Ruskin (1819–1900)