Gromov may refer to:

  • Alexander Georgiyevich Gromov, Russian politician and KGB officer
  • Alexander Gromov, science fiction writer
  • Alexey Gromov, press attaché for Vladimir Putin
  • Boris Gromov, Soviet general, military commander in Afghanistan and Governor of Moscow Oblast
  • Feliks Gromov, Admiral, commander in chief Russian Navy (1992–1997)
  • Mikhail Gromov (mathematician), Russian mathematician
  • Mikhail Gromov (aviator), Soviet aviator
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Tupolev ANT-3 - Usage
... Afterwards, TsAGI had Mikhail Gromov, assisted by mechanic Yevgeny Radzevich, visit important European capitals in an ANT-3 ... Fortunately for him, Gromov did the sensible thing and returned home ... Gromov resumed his expedition ...
Geometric Topology (object)
... There is an alternate definition due to Mikhail Gromov ... Gromov's topology utilizes the Gromov-Hausdorff metric and is defined on pointed hyperbolic 3-manifolds ... As a further refinement, Gromov's metric can also be defined on framed hyperbolic 3-manifolds ...
Gromov's Inequality
... The following pages deal with inequalities due to Mikhail Gromov Bishop–Gromov inequality Gromov's inequality for complex projective space Gromov's systolic inequality for ...
Alexander Georgiyevich Gromov
... Alexander Georgiyevich Gromov (in Russian Александр Георгиевич Громов, b ... Gromov served in the KGB during 1973–1991 ...