Gregorian Mode

A Gregorian mode (or church mode) is one of the eight systems of pitch organization used to describe Gregorian chant.

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Gregorian Mode - Tonality - Hierarchy of Tones
... In addition to the final and cofinal, every mode is distinguished by scale degrees called the mediant and the participant ... The mediant is named from its position—in the authentic modes—between the final and cofinal ... In the authentic modes it is the third degree of the scale, unless that note should happen to be B, in which case C substitutes for it ...
History - Florid Organum, Melismatic Organum - Notre Dame School
... it also introduces the use of the rhythmic modes as a creative principle ... Thus, when in a discussion of organum of the Paris School the word 'modal' or 'mode' is used, it refers to the rhythmic modes and specifically not to the musical modes that rule over melody ... Domino' is in its Gregorian form set in melismatic style with three or more notes to a syllable and here both tenor and duplum proceed in discantus set in the six rhythmic modes, to be finalized with a florid ...

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