Gouy may refer to:

  • the following communes in France:
    • Gouy, Aisne, in the department of Aisne
    • Gouy, Seine-Maritime, in the department of Seine-Maritime
    • Gouy-en-Artois, in the department of Pas-de-Calais
    • Gouy-en-Ternois, in the department of Pas-de-Calais
    • Gouy-les-Groseillers, in the department of Oise
    • Gouy-Saint-André, in the department of Pas-de-Calais
    • Gouy-Servins, in the department of Pas-de-Calais
    • Gouy-sous-Bellonne, in the department of Pas-de-Calais
  • Louis Georges Gouy, a French physicist
    • Gouy balance
  • Gouy-lez-Piéton in Belgium

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Jacques De Gouy - Works
... In his writings, de Gouy mentions having composed motets and airs, yet all of his published work is lost, save his Airs à quatre parties sur la Paraphrase des pseaumes de Godeau (1650), a setting of Antoine Godeau's ... De Gouy only published the first 50 of the 150 psalms, because the work was received as too academic ... De Gouy promoted Jean Le Maire's new system of notation, called "la musique almérique", by handing out engraved music scores to concert guests attending the première of Estrennes pour Messieurs ...
Gouy Balance
... The Gouy balance, invented by Louis Georges Gouy, is a device for measuring the magnetic susceptibility ...
Gaussian Beam - Beam Parameters - Gouy Phase
... The longitudinal phase delay or Gouy phase of the beam is The Gouy phase indicates that as a Gaussian beam passes through a focus, it acquires an additional phase shift of π, in ...
Double Layer (interfacial)
... Later Louis Georges Gouy and David Chapman made significant improvements by introducing a diffuse model of the electrical DL, in which the electric potential decreases exponentially away from the ... The Gouy-Chapman model fails for highly charged DLs ... this problem Stern suggested the combination of the Helmholtz and Gouy-Chapman models, giving an internal Stern layer (i.e ...
Louis Georges Gouy
... Louis Georges Gouy was a French physicist who was born at Vals-les-Bains, Ardèche in 1854 and died January 27 1926 ... He is the namesake of the Gouy balance, the Gouy-Chapman electric double layer model and the Gouy phase shift ...