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Introduction - Very Ample Line Bundles
... bundle is very ample if it is globally generated and the morphism given by some global generators is an immersion ... ⊗ L⊗n is generated by finitely many global sections for sufficiently large n ... This in turn implies that global sections and higher (Zariski) cohomology groups Hi(X, F) are finitely generated ...
Proj Construction - Proj of A Graded Ring - The Twisting Sheaf of Serre
... In the case Spec A for a ring A, the global sections of the structure sheaf form A itself, whereas the global sections of here form only the degree-zero elements of S ... This situation is to be contrasted with the fact that the spec functor is adjoint to the global sections functor in the category of locally ringed spaces ...
Sheaf Spanned By Global Sections
... In mathematics, a sheaf spanned by global sections is a sheaf F on a locally ringed space X, with structure sheaf OX that is of a rather simple type ... it is asserted that if A is the abelian group of global sections, i.e ... In words, all sections of F are locally generated by the global sections ...
Section (fiber Bundle) - Local and Global Sections
... Fiber bundles do not in general have such global sections, so it is also useful to define sections only locally ... A local section of a fiber bundle is a continuous map s U → E where U is an open set in B and π(s(x)) = x for all x in U ... from π−1(U) to U × F (where F is the fiber), then local sections always exist over U in bijective correspondence with continuous maps from U to F ...

Famous quotes containing the words sections and/or global:

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    Allen Ginsberg (b. 1926)

    However global I strove to become in my thinking over the past twenty years, my sons kept me rooted to an utterly pedestrian view, intimately involved with the most inspiring and fractious passages in human development. However unconsciously by now, motherhood informs every thought I have, influencing everything I do. More than any other part of my life, being a mother taught me what it means to be human.
    Mary Kay Blakely (20th century)