Free Pascal

Free Pascal Compiler (FPC for short, and formerly known as FPK Pascal) is a free Pascal and Object Pascal compiler.

In addition to its own Object Pascal dialect, Free Pascal supports, to varying degrees, the dialects of several other compilers, including those of Turbo Pascal, Delphi, and some historical Macintosh compilers. The dialect is selected on a per-unit (module) basis, and more than one dialect can be used to produce a single program.

A member of the write once, compile anywhere campaign, Free Pascal is available for many architectures and operating systems (see Targets). It has an excellent support for integration of assembly language, and supports internal assembler in a number of dialects.

Separate projects exist to facilitate the development of cross-platform graphical applications, the most prominent one being the Lazarus IDE.

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... Lazarus uses Free Pascal as its back-end compiler ... can, theoretically, be used to develop applications for all platforms supported by Free Pascal ... Similar to Free Pascal’s run-time library, Lazarus provides a cross-platform application framework called the Lazarus Component Library (LCL), which provides a single, unified interface for ...
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... Free Pascal was developed from the beginning as a cross compiler ... GNU assembler and linker for the target platform is required if Free Pascal doesn't yet have internal version of the tools for the target platform ...

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