Foreman may refer to:

  • Construction foreman, the worker or tradesman who is in charge of the construction crew
  • Foreman of Signals, the most highly qualified non-commissioned signal equipment managers and Incorporated Engineers in the Royal Corps of Signals
  • Jury foreman, head juror
  • Foreman, Arkansas, A city in Little River County, Arkansas, United States (Pop ~1000)
  • Shop foreman or plant foreman, the frontline supervisor in a skilled trades, manufacturing or production operation
  • USS Foreman (DE-633), a Buckley class destroyer escort of the United States Navy
  • Ranch foreman, the manager of a ranch, overseeing all aspects of the operation

Foreman is the surname of:

  • Carl Foreman, screenwriter and film producer
  • Chris Foreman, guitarist of the band Madness
  • Chuck Foreman, former NFL running back
  • Dave Foreman (born 1947), American environmentalist
  • Deborah Foreman (born 1962), American actress
  • Eric Foreman, fictional character in the TV show House
  • Eric Forman, fictional character in the TV show That 70s Show
  • Freeda Foreman (born 1976), American boxer, daughter of former world Heavyweight champion George Foreman
  • George Foreman (born 1949), two-time World Heavyweight Boxing Champion
    • George Foreman Grill
  • Gordy Foreman, drummer of the band Frenzal Rhomb
  • Hooks Foreman (1895-1940), Negro league baseball player
  • Jack Foreman Mantle (1917–1940), English recipient of the Victoria Cross
  • Jay Foreman (businessman), American businessman
  • Jay Foreman (American football) (born 1976), football player
  • Jay Foreman (comedian) (born 1984), British comedian
  • Jon Foreman, lead singer and guitarist of the band Switchfoot, brother of Tim
  • Joseph Foreman, real name of rapper Afroman
  • Kevin Foreman, the general manager of RealNetworks
  • Matthew Foreman (born 1957), mathematician at University of California, Irvine
  • Richard Foreman (born 1937), American playwright and avant-garde theater pioneer
  • Susan Foreman, fictional character in the Doctor Who series
  • Tim Foreman, bassist of the band Switchfoot, brother of Jon
  • Tom Foreman, Emmy Award winning reporter for CNN in the United States
  • William Foreman, early American military officer
  • Yuri Foreman (born 1980), Israeli boxer

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