FLN may refer to:

  • One of a number of organisations named National Liberation Front
  • The National Liberation Front (Algeria)
  • The National Liberation Front (Burundi)
  • The National Liberation Front of Chad
  • The IATA Airport Code for Hercílio Luz International Airport in Florianópolis, Brazil
  • The Family Life Network Religious Radio Network based in Bath, NY.
  • Fine Living Network, a cable/satellite television network from Scripps, which uses the abbreviations for Fine Living Network
  • Flint (Amtrak station), Michigan, United States; Amtrak station code FLN.
  • Fixed Line telephone Number as against a mobile number

Other articles related to "fln":

Lamine Khene
... Later, he joined the Front de libération nationale (FLN), to become an officer in its military wing, the Armée de libération nationale (ALN) during the Algerian ... of the co-founders of the Union générale des étudiants musulmans algériens (UGEMA), the FLN's student organization which later became the national student ... in the first lineup of the provisional exile government of the FLN, the Gouvernement Provisoire de la République Algérienne (GPRA) between 1958 and ...
Lakhdar Ben Tobbal
... became the embryo of the Front de libération nationale (FLN) ... He was one of the original "historical leaders" of the FLN's November 1, 1954 uprising against French colonialism ... A top leader of the FLN's interior armed action in the 1954-62 Algerian war of independence ...
Mohamed Lamine Debaghine
... by the Front de libération nationale (FLN), a PPA/MTLD splinter group ... In 1956, Lamine Debaghine was made a member of the FLN's exterior delegation (i.e ... Lamine Debaghine was elected minister of foreign affairs in the first lineup of the FLN's government-in-exile, GPRA, under Ferhat Abbas's presidency, holding the post for the period 1958-1960 ...
Battle Of Philippeville - The Battle
... Aussaresses was surprised by a set of attacks the FLN launched on June 18, 1955, which his intelligence unit had not heard anything about beforehand ... After this, a more proactive policy was adopted, which resulted in the discovery of the FLN's plan to launch a massive frontal assault on August 20 at noon, with the primary objective of taking Philippeville ... The FLN was not powerful enough to capture a large city, such as the capital at Algiers, but Philippeville was a mid-sized town and an important port city ...