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Yamato "Matt" Ishida - Villains - Devimon
... the DigiDestined, and is responsible for enslaving File Island with his Black Gears, hiding the Tags and Crests, and attacking the children directly and indirectly multiple times ... Another set of Black Gears are built into giant arrays as the core of File Island itself ... When operated, they can cause the pieces of File Island to separate or rejoin Infinity Mountain ...
List Of Digimon Locations - Areas in Digimon Adventure - File Island
... File Island (ファイル島, Fairu Tou?) is the setting for the original Digital Monster toy, the Devimon arc of Digimon Adventure, and Digimon World ... first attack on the kids, he splits the island into several islets in order to separate them ... However, the island is reformed after the Black Gears on each islet are destroyed ...
List Of Digimon Adventure Episodes - Episode List
... airdate American airdate 1 "And so it begins..." ("Stranded? The Island of Adventure!") "Hyōryū? Bōken no Shima!" (漂流? 冒険の島!) Hiroyuki Kakudō Satoru Nishizono March 7, 1999 ... April 25, 1999 September 22, 1999 The Chosen Children meet the ruler of File Island, Devimon, the controller of the Black Gears ... Devimon breaks File Island into multiple smaller islands and separates the kids on different islands ...

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