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Fife High School - Athletics - Cheerleading
... responsible for creating the "How Do You Feel" chant in which fans, parents, or members of the band shout "Hey cheerleaders, how do you feel?" The ... We Feel Awesome" can also be used towards an individual cheerleader by instead asking "Hey (cheerleader's name), how do you feel?" The response is then ...

Famous quotes containing the words awesome and/or feel:

    O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder
    consider all the works thy hand hath made,
    I see the stars, I hear the mighty thunder,
    thy pow’r thro’out the universe displayed.
    Then sings my soul, my Saviour God, to thee,
    How great thou art!
    Stuart K. Hine (b. 1899)

    It seems, just now,
    To be happening so very fast;
    Despite all the land left free
    For the first time I feel somehow
    That it isn’t going to last....
    Philip Larkin (1922–1986)