Extra Lives

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Stargunner - Detailed Information - Basic Game Play - In-game Items
... Extra Life - Essentially a free way to obtain extra lives (the alternative is buying them from the shop) ... Extra Lives are usually difficult to obtain because they appear and disappear randomly during the course of game play ... Like extra lives, nukes can be obtained also by buying them ...
Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 - Gameplay
... Mario series, in which coins are typically used to earn extra lives, coins in this game are instead used as currency, the goal being to try and collect as ... Conversely, extra lives are earned by collecting heart points, which are earned by defeating enemies or collecting Hearts, with an extra life earned for every 100 points earned ... in the level in a game of chance, or spend them to try and earn heart points and extra lives ...
Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose! - The Bonus Games
... game offers five mini-games in which the player can gain extra lives for the regular game ... outweighing Li'l Beeper), the player will get an extra life, while nothing happens either if the computer wins (i.e ... wins against two, with no ties), they will win one extra life ...
Espgaluda II - Changes and Additions - Extra Lives
... Players can gain extra lives after earning 15 million and 35 million points, or by obtaining the life extend item in stage 3 ...

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