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V6 Generation, Freebox Revolution - The Freebox Server Device
... The Freebox server is a DSL modem, a router, a Wi-Fi hot spot, a NAS (250 GB hard drive), a DECT base with up to 8 connected DECT phone sets, and a digital video recorder for TNT also known as DVB-T and IPTV ... Most notably An external hard drive can be connected to its USB and/or eSATA port ... However, some TV channels cannot be recorded to an external hard drive due to copyright policy limitations ...
Atari ST - Peripherals
... SF354 Single-sided double-density 3½ floppy drive (360 kB) with external power supply SF314 Double-sided double-density 3½ floppy drive (720 kB) with external power supply PS3000. 70 Hz refresh SH204 External hard drive, 20 MB MFM drive, "shoe box" case made of metal SH205 External hard drive, Mega ST matching case, 20 MB MFM 3,5" (Tandon TM262) or 5.25" (Segate ST225) drive with ST506 ...

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    Sheila Harmon-Martin, U.S. political scientist and boxing judge. As quoted in the Chronicle of Higher Education, pp. A13-A14 (June 2, 1993)