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Hot Bulb Engine - Operation and Working Cycle - Two-stroke Engines
... As it rises, it draws air into the crankcase through the inlet port ... As it descends the piston first uncovers the Exhaust Port ... The pressurised exhaust gases flow out of the cylinder ...
Schnuerle Porting - Description
... The cylinder has a transfer port (inlet from crankcase to cylinder) and an exhaust port cut into it ... piston moves downwards past them with the higher exhaust port opening earlier as the piston descends and closing later as the piston rises ... The simplest arrangement is a single transfer and single exhaust port, opposite each other ...
William Barnett (engineer) - Characteristics of The Engines
... Timing of inlet and exhaust is via a piston valve, and an exhausting pump may be added to remove exhaust gases from the receiver prior to the new charge being forced in by the pumps ... This is described as optional for smaller engines, as the exhaust gases are not so much a problem for them ... it has the gas and air pumps of the others, it has an exhaust port uncovered by the piston towards the end of the power stroke, allowing the exhaust gases to exit and the fresh charge to enter the power ...
Two-stroke Power Valve System - Engineering Design Improvements - YPVS-Yamaha Power Valve System
... System Yamaha engineers realized that by altering the height of the exhaust port they could effectively change the engine power delivery thereby having optimal power and torque across the entire ... The valve is of a cylindrical design running across the top of the exhaust port, it is turned by a servo motor controlled from a control box taking ... This changes the height and size of the exhaust port at different engine speeds, maximizing the available power at all rev ranges ...
Tuned Pipe - How It Works - Port Blocking
... is complete the piston is on the way back up on its compression stroke but the exhaust port is still open, an unavoidable problem with the two stroke design ... To help preventing the piston pushing fresh mixture out the open exhaust port the strong acoustic wave (produced by the combustion) from the expansion ... The port blocking wave is created by reducing the diameter of the chamber ...

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