Evil Eye

The evil eye is a look that is believed by many cultures to be able to cause injury or bad luck for the person at whom it is directed for reasons of envy or dislike. The term also refers to the power attributed to certain persons of inflicting injury or bad luck by such an envious or ill-wishing look. The evil eye is usually given to others who remain unaware.

The "evil eye" is also known in Arabic as ʿayn al-ḥasūd (عين الحسود‎), in Hebrew as ʿayn ha-rʿa (עין הרע‎), in Turkish as Nazar, in Greek as "το μάτι," in Spanish as mal de ojo., in Italian as malocchio and in Hawaiian culture it is known as "stink eye."

The idea expressed by the term causes many cultures to pursue protective measures against it. The concept and its significance vary widely among different cultures, primarily the Middle East. The idea appears several times in translations of the Old Testament. It was a widely extended belief among many Mediterranean and Asian tribes and cultures. Charms and decorations featuring the eye are a common sight across Greece and Turkey and have become a popular choice of souvenir with tourists.

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Famous quotes containing the words eye and/or evil:

    A largess universal, like the sun,
    His liberal eye doth give to everyone,
    Thawing cold fear.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    Innocence is lovely in the child, because in harmony with its nature; but our path in life is not backward but onward, and virtue can never be the offspring of mere innocence. If we are to progress in the knowledge of good, we must also progress in the knowledge of evil. Every experience of evil brings its own temptation and according to the degree in which the evil is recognized and the temptations resisted, will be the value of the character into which the individual will develop.
    Mrs. H. O. Ward (1824–1899)