Eutherian Fetoembryonic Defense System (eu-FEDS) Hypothesis

Eutherian Fetoembryonic Defense System (eu-FEDS) Hypothesis

The Eutherian Fetoembryonic Defense System (eu-FEDS) is a hypothetical model describing a method by which immune systems are capable of recognizing additional states of relatedness like "own species" such as is observed in maternal immune tolerance in pregnancy. The model includes descriptions of the proposed signaling mechanism and several proposed examples of exploitation of this signaling in disease states.

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Eutherian Fetoembryonic Defense System (eu-FEDS) Hypothesis - Other Experimental Models
... Several other models have been developed that seek to address this hypothetical systemfor immune tolerance, including the depletion of tryptophan via the enzyme indoleamine dioxygenase (IDO ... their foreign fetal offspring, indicating that a redundant systemfor the suppression of the mother's immune response exists in the uterus during pregnancy ...

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