Enzyme Potentiated Desensitization - Restrictions On EPD

Restrictions On EPD

EPD has not been developed for treatment of allergy to insect stings (for which convenventional immunotherapy is recommended), nor for contact dermatitis and allergy to drugs. It is not FDA approved.

EPD protocol includes high doses of folic acid that may increase blood histamine levels. EPD may be contraindicated for patients diagnosed with high blood histamine (histadelia). To screen for high blood histamine, look for an elevated basophil count. If the basophil level is elevated, high blood histamine can be confirmed with a blood histamine test.

If blood histamine becomes elevated during the course of EPD treatments, the patient may develop new or increased sensitivity to any environmental agent, including food, inhalant and even clothing fiber. Increased sensitivity may present as acute, rapid-onset headaches and/or asthma attacks.

An elevated blood histamine level may also introduce or increase suicidal tendencies.

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