Elsayed Elsayed Wagih - Membership and Recognition Certificates

Membership and Recognition Certificates

In 1981, Wagih was granted The Diploma of Membership to The Royal College of Science (DIC), University of London and in October 1994, The Board of Governors of 'The New York Academy of Sciences', in recognition of his work in, and support for, science and technology, elected him as an active member of the Academy. In January 1995, The Board of Governors of 'The American Association For The Advancement of Science (AAAS), elected him to become an International Member of the Association. Later, The Governing Council of the 'African Crop Science Society (ACSS)', in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the society and the Promotion of Crop Production in Africa, granted him its 'Certificate of Recognition' for three successive times, the first of which was in Pretoria, South Africa, in 1997, and once again in Cazablanca, Morocco, in 1999, and lastly, and for the third time, in Lagos, Nigeria, 2001.

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