Electronic Band Structure

In solid-state physics, the electronic band structure (or simply band structure) of a solid describes those ranges of energy, called energy bands, that an electron within the solid may have ("allowed bands"), and ranges of energy called band gaps ("forbidden bands"), which it may not have. Band theory models the behavior of electrons in solids by postulating the existence of energy bands. It successfully uses a material's band structure to explain many physical properties of solids, such as electrical resistivity and optical absorption. Bands may also be viewed as the large-scale limit of molecular orbital theory. A solid creates a large number of closely spaced molecular orbitals, which appear as a band. Band structure derives from the dynamical theory of diffraction of the quantum mechanical electron waves in a periodic crystal lattice with a specific crystal system and Bravais lattice.

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... Calculating band structures is an important topic in theoretical solid state physics ... other models include the following k·p perturbation theory is a technique that allows a band structure to be approximately described in terms of just a few parameters ... well model useful for illustration of band formation ...
Tight Binding - Historical Background
... simpler interpolation scheme for approximating the electronic band structure, especially for the d-bands of transition metals, is the parameterized tight-binding method conceived in 1954 by John ... With the SK tight-binding method, electronic band structure calculations on a solid need not be carried out with full rigor as in the original Bloch's ... The tight-binding model is typically used for calculations of electronic band structure and band gaps in the static regime ...

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