Eastern Romance Languages

The Eastern Romance languages in their narrow conception, sometimes known as the Vlach languages, are a group of Romance languages that developed in Southeastern Europe from the local eastern variant of Vulgar Latin. Some classifications include the Italo-Dalmatian languages; when Italian is classified as Western Romance, Dalmatian generally remains in Eastern. This article will be concerned with Eastern Romance in the narrow sense, without Italian.

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Istro-Romanian Language - Origin
... Eastern Romance languages Vulgar Latin language Substratum Thraco-Roman culture Romanian Moldovan Vlach Grammar Nouns Verbs Numbers Phonology Lexis Regulating ... Istria region, however, dates back to 940 when Constantine VII recorded the Romance-language speakers in this area in De Administrando Imperio, saying that they called themselves ... split from the widely spoken (Daco-)Romanian later than did the other Romanian (=Eastern Romance) languages, Aromanian language and Megleno-Romanian ...
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... Romance-speaking Africa consists of the countries and territories in Africa whose official or main languages are Romance ones, and countries which have significant populations that speak Romance languages ... OIF International Organization of La Francophonie) or the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (Comunidade dos Países de Língua Portuguesa), and seven are members of the ... As a result, the African Romance language evolved in Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco ...
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... Eastern Romance languages Vulgar Latin language Substratum Thraco-Roman culture Romanian Moldovan Vlach Grammar Nouns Verbs Numbers Phonology Lexis Regulating bodies Romanian Academy Academy ... As such, the languages contain a few words that were replaced with Germanic borrowings in Western Romance languages, for example, the word for white is derived from Latin "albus" instead of Germanic "bla ... They also share a few sound changes with the western Romance languages some with Italian, such as > (Lat ...
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    The trouble with foreign languages is, you have to think before your speak.
    Swedish proverb, trans. by Verne Moberg.

    Midway the lake we took on board two manly-looking middle-aged men.... I talked with one of them, telling him that I had come all this distance partly to see where the white pine, the Eastern stuff of which our houses are built, grew, but that on this and a previous excursion into another part of Maine I had found it a scarce tree; and I asked him where I must look for it. With a smile, he answered that he could hardly tell me.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    The romance and mystery is [sic] gone. Computer-processed images have no delicacy, no craftsmanship, no substance, and no soul. No love.
    Kim Nibblett (b. c. 1969)