Dysgenesis may refer to:

  • Dysgenesis (embryology), which indicates abnormal organ development during embryonic growth and development
  • Anterior segment dysgenesis, a failure of the normal development of the tissues of the anterior segment of the eye
  • "Hybrid dysgenesis", which relates to a high mutation rate in certain Drosophila strains caused by the transposition of P elements
  • The study of dysgenics, a theory that deterioration of hereditary qualities can occur in offspring due to survival of or reproduction by less well-adapted individuals

Other articles related to "dysgenesis":

Thyroid Dysgenesis
... Thyroid agenesis (or thyroid dysgenesis) is a cause of congenital hypothyroidism where the thyroid is missing, ectopic, or severely underdeveloped ... Congenital hypothyroidism caused by thyroid dysgenesis can be associated with PAX8 ...
Gonadal Dysgenesis
... Gonadal dysgenesis is any inherited developmental disorder of the reproductive system characterized by a progressive loss of primordial germ cells on the developing gonads of an embryo ... The first type of gonadal dysgenesis discovered was Turner syndrome ...
Mixed Gonadal Dysgenesis
... Mixed gonadal dysgenesis is a condition of unusual and asymmetrical gonadal development leading to an unassigned sex differentiation ... is absent or abnormal, mixed gonadal dysgenesis may be interpreted as a specific variation of Turner’s ...
Gonadal Dysgenesis - Causes
... mosaicism) XX gonadal dysgenesis, also pure gonadal dysgenesis, 46,XX Swyer syndrome, also pure gonadal dysgenesis, 46,XY Perrault syndrome, XX gonadal dysgenesis + sensorineural hearing loss Mixed ...