Dual Link

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Digital Visual Interface - Connector
... In the case of dual link systems, additional pins provide increased bandwidth allowing higher resolutions and longer distances ... Dual link should not be confused with dual display (also known as dual head), which is a configuration that involves a single computer connected to two monitors ... names, depending on which signals it implements DVI-D (digital only, single-link or dual-link) DVI-A (analog only) DVI-I (integrated, combines digital and analog in the same ...
Serial Digital Interface - Data Format - Link Numbering
... Link numbering is only an issue in dual-link interfaces ... The first link (the primary link), is assigned a link number of 1, subsequent links are assigned increasing link numbers so the second (secondary) link in a dual-link system is ... The link number of a given interface is indicated by a VPID packet located in the vertical ancillary data space ...
Serial Digital Interface - Data Format - Synchronization Packets
... In the HD-SDI and dual link interfaces, synchronization packets must occur simultaneously in both the Y and C datastreams ... Some delay between the two cables in a dual link interface is permissible equipment which supports dual link is expected to buffer the leading link in order to allow the other link ...

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