Diurnal ("daily") may refer to:

  • Diurnal cycle, any pattern that recurs daily
    • Diurnality, the behavior of animals and plants that are active in the daytime
  • Diurnal motion, the apparent motion of stars around the Earth
  • Diurnal phase shift, a phase shift of electromagnetic signals
  • Diurnal temperature variation, a cycle of daily temperature change

In astrology:

  • Diurnal chart, a chart for a given date, based on the natal chart
  • Diurnal planet, a planet in a sect for which the Sun is above the horizon
  • Diurnal sign, a sign in the zodiac
  • Diurnal arc, time expressed as right ascension

Other articles related to "diurnal":

Diurnal Temperature Variation - Differences in Variation
... Diurnal temperature variations are greatest very near the earth’s surface ... High desert areas typically have the greatest diurnal temperature variations ... variations of only 8°C (15°F) Hong Kong has a diurnal temperature range of little more that 4°C (7°F) ...
... patterns of primates were only categorized as diurnal or nocturnal ... definitions by being strictly nocturnal, diurnal, or crepuscular, often due to factors that include the availability of food, predation pressure, and ... species Eulemur mongoz (Mongoose lemur) as activity shifting from being predominantly diurnal to being predominantly nocturnal over a yearly cycle ...
Theory Of Tides - Tidal Analysis and Prediction - Tidal Constituents - Diurnal
... n1 (L) n2 (m) n3 (y) n4 (mp) number ME MS PR AK CA HI order Lunar diurnal K1 23.93447213 15.0410686 1. 165.555 15.6 16.2 9.0 39.8 36.8 16.7 '4 Lunar diurnal ...
William Forsell Kirby - Works and Achievements - Entomology
... Manual of European Butterflies, 1862 Synonymic Catalogue of Diurnal Lepidoptera, 1871 Catalogue of the collection of diurnal Lepidoptera formed by the late William Chapman Hewitson of Oatlands, Walton on Thames ... in other scientific works Illustrations of diurnal Lepidoptera, by William Chapman Hewitson, 1863 Natural history, by Richard Lydekker, 1897 ...
Richard Lindzen - Early Work (1964-1972) - Atmospheric Tides
... measured at the Earth's surface associated with the semi-diurnal solar tide dominate those of the diurnal tide in amplitude, when intuitively one would expect the diurnal (daily) passage of the sun to ... Kelvin (1882) had proposed the so-called "resonance" theory, wherein the semi-diurnal tide would be "selected" over the diurnal oscillation if the atmosphere was somehow able ... hypothesis was proposed that something must instead suppress the diurnal tide ...

Famous quotes containing the word diurnal:

    No motion has she now, no force;
    She neither hears nor sees;
    Rolled round in earth’s diurnal course,
    With rocks, and stones, and trees.
    William Wordsworth (1770–1850)