Dinger can refer to:

  • A nickname
  • A song
  • Baseball argot for a home run
  • The purple, anthropomorphized triceratops mascot of the Colorado Rockies baseball team
  • A slang term referring to persons of East-Indian descent
  • A type of bell-headed monster from the children's television show Sesame Street
  • A pseudonym/nickname for SAS Bravo Two Zero patrol member, Ian Pring.
  • A character in the 1989 film Dream a Little Dream
  • OED: "Something superlative in a positive sense"
  • Dinger or dingir, the Ancient Sumerian word for "god."
  • Nickname for NASCARSprint Cup driver AJ Allmendinger.

As a name:

  • Klaus Dinger, musician and songwriter of the band Neu!
  • Henry C. Dinger, captain of the USS Maumee (AO-2)

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