Uncertainty is a term used in subtly different ways in a number of fields, including physics, philosophy, statistics, economics, finance, insurance, psychology, sociology, engineering, and information science. It applies to predictions of future events, to physical measurements already made, or to the unknown.

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Liquid Planner - Software
... management solution to allow users to express uncertainty in their task estimates using ranges ... By exposing the uncertainty in estimates the developers of LiquidPlanner claim that the uncertainty can then be managed ... From these uncertainty measures over time it can plot the history of the project estimates ...
List Of Tornadoes Causing 100 Or More Deaths - Uncertainty
... There are many sources of uncertainty in the statistics mentioned on this page ... There is also meteorological uncertainty with the nature of many tornadoes on this list ...
Uncertainty - Applications
... Uncertainty or error is used in science and engineering notation ... Uncertainty is involved in every measurement, such as measuring a distance, a temperature, etc ... Similarly, uncertainty is propagated through calculations so that the calculated value has some degree of uncertainty depending upon the uncertainties of the measured ...
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... communication whereas the previous 34 axioms focused on managing our anxiety and uncertainty when communicating with strangers Axiom 35 An increase in our ability to describe strangers' behavior ... process of communication, we are not overly vigilant, and our anxiety and uncertainty are between our minimum and maximum thresholds ... Boundary Conditions This axiom holds only when our anxiety and uncertainty are between our minimum and maximum thresholds, and when we are not mindful ...

Famous quotes containing the word uncertainty:

    It was your severed image that grew sweeter,
    That floated, wing-stiff, focused in the sun
    Along uncertainty and gales of shame
    Blown out before I slept. Now you are one
    I dare not think alive: only a name
    That chimes occasionally, as a belief
    Long since embedded in the static past.
    Philip Larkin (1922–1986)

    You do not mean by mystery what a Catholic does. You mean an interesting uncertainty: the uncertainty ceasing interest ceases also.... But a Catholic by mystery means an incomprehensible certainty: without certainty, without formulation there is no interest;... the clearer the formulation the greater the interest.
    Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844–1889)