Digimon World DS

Digimon World DS (デジモンストーリー Dejimon Sutōrī/Digimon Story) is a role-playing video game and the first Digimon game for the Nintendo DS. The original Japanese name of the game is Digimon Story. The game bears a resemblance to Digimon World 3, features 300 Digimon, and uses Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to match Digimon.

In the game, the player assumes the role of a Digimon tamer and embarks on a journey to discover, tame, raise, train and command more than 230 unique Digimon. Unlike most of the character collection-driven games in the series, Digimon World DS's gameplay continues after the character collection is completed. The player can build Digi-Farms to raise, evolve and communicate with the Digimon. Using Wi-Fi and local DS wireless connection, players can interact by exchanging Digimon, engaging in battles, and pooling resources to create rare types of Digimon.

Shortly after the game's release in the US, a two-game sequel was announced for Japan: Digimon World Dawn and Dusk.

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