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The 8 DigiMemories are pendants that are stopping Barbamon from taking over the Digital World. He will stop at nothing to get them. If he collects all of them, he'll recreate the Digital World in his image. Upon defeat, NEO regresses back to the 8 DigiMemories which rebuild the Digital World. Among the 8 DigiMemories are:

  1. Dark DigiMemory (symbolized as a dark skull) - Owned by Barbamon. Added to NEO after Barbamon's defeat.
  2. Bird DigiMemory (symbolized as a bird) - Owned by Shou Kahara until it was stolen by Barbamon, completing NEO.
  3. Holy DigiMemory (symbolized as a cross) - Stolen from Piximon and given to Barbamon. Now a part of NEO.
  4. Dragon DigiMemory (symbolized as a dragon) - Owned by Tsurugi Tatsuno. Stolen by NEO to complete himself.
  5. Beast DigiMemory (symbolized as a wolf head) - Owned by Yuu Inui. Stolen by NEO to complete himself.
  6. Insect/Plant DigiMemory (symbolized as a beetle horn) - Stolen from MegaKabuterimon and given to Barbamon. Suspected to be now part of NEO.
  7. Water DigiMemory (symbolized as a dolphin) - Owned by Ami Kitajima until it was claimed from her after her kidnapping and is now part of NEO.
  8. Machine/Mutant DigiMemory (symbolized as cogs) - Stolen from Andromon and given to Barbamon who uses it as a part of NEO.

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