Digimon Next

Digimon Next (デジモン ネクスト, Dejimon Nekusuto?) is the second Digimon manga to be printed in the pages of V-Jump magazine, starting on December 17, 2005. Its main purpose is to promote the Digimon virtual pet (V-Pet) toys. The main character is called Tsurugi Tatsuno and is partnered with a Greymon (later Agumon). Tsurugi makes contact with the Digital World through his Digimon Mini virtual pet device and a "Battle Terminal", a virtual reality interface. Digimon can use the technology to materialize in the human world as well.

It seems to share a few key elements with Digimon Data Squad, such as the use of Digisouls, Agumon's evolution to GeoGreymon in chapter five and the appearance of Tsurugi's Digivice iC when Piximon upgraded it in chapter four.

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