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Collaborative Development Environment
... A collaborative development environment (CDE) is an online meeting space where a software development project's stakeholders can work together, no matter what timezone or ... It is seen as an evolution from the integrated development environment (IDE), which combined programming tools on the desktop, and the extended development ... Although growing from a tool base in the software development sector, the CDE has been taken up in other sectors, with teams typically geographically dispersed, where it is ...
Arduino - Platform - Software
... ago (2012-11-05) Written in Java Operating system Cross-platform Type Integrated development environment License LGPL or GPL license Website The Arduino IDE is a cross-platform application written in Java ... and other newcomers unfamiliar with software development ... In the Arduino environment, the user might write a program like this #define LED_PIN 13 void setup { pinMode (LED_PIN, OUTPUT) // enable pin 13 for digital output } void loop { digitalWrite (LED_PIN, HIGH ...
Strawberry Perl - Rationale
... Many of these modules can be installed in any Perl environment however, certain modules (XS modules) require a working C compiler and development environment to install ... Perl distributions assume that such an environment - which is usually provided with most Unix or Linux systems - already exists however, Windows does not come with a C compiler and the required ... Strawberry Perl incorporates the MinGW development environment during installation ...
Morfik - Features
... Morfik is a visual development tool which lets developers create Ajax-based Web application in a true WYSIWYG fashion, including support for visual ... It combines in an integrated development environment an interface designer, a report designer, a query and table designer and coding facilities ... The tight integration of the development environment and the compilers with the Morfik Framework makes the creation of Web Services a simple task ...

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