• (adj): Having the central portion lower than the margin.
    Example: "A depressed pustule"
    Synonyms: indented
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Depression (mood)
... Depressed people may feel sad, anxious, empty, hopeless, worried, helpless, worthless, guilty, irritable, hurt or restless ... Depressed mood is not necessarily a psychiatric disorder ... Depressed mood is also a primary or associated feature of certain psychiatric syndromes such as clinical depression ...
Lucilla Singleyana - Original Description
... separated by well-impressed sutures, convex, the apex rather large body-whorl depressed, slightly descending, indented below around the umbilicus aperture ... minusculus, but much more depressed, more shining, smoother, smaller, with broader umbilicus and a complete whorl less than minusculus ... exhibits some variation, being often more depressed than most northern specimen ...
Positive Illusions - Mitigation
... Depressive realism suggests that depressed people actually have a more realistic view of themselves and the world than mentally healthy people ... For example, individuals who are low in self-esteem, slightly depressed, or both, are more balanced in self-perceptions ... Likewise, these mildly depressed individuals are found to be less vulnerable to overestimations of (their) control over events (Golin et al ...
Biology Of Depression - Abnormalities By Brain Region - Anterior Cingulate Cortex (ACC)
... of many types, and consistently shows higher levels of activity in depressed people than in non-depressed people ... were made in using deep brain stimulation to temporarily inactivate the ACC in severely depressed patients ...
Throw-weight - Depressed Trajectory
... A depressed trajectory is a non-optimal, lower and flatter trajectory which takes less time between launch and impact, but with a necessarily lower throw-weight ... The primary reasons to choose a depressed trajectory are either to evade anti-ballistic missile systems, by reducing the time available to shoot down the attacking vehicle (especially during the vulnerable burn-phas ... An alternate, non-military, purpose for a depressed trajectory is in conjunction with the space plane concept with use of air-breathing engines, which requires the ballistic ...

More definitions of "depressed":

  • (adj): Lower than previously.
    Example: "The market is depressed"
    Synonyms: down
  • (adj): Flattened downward as if pressed from above or flattened along the dorsal and ventral surfaces.

Famous quotes containing the word depressed:

    Pain and pleasure are infectious. It depresses us to be much with those who have suffered long and are still suffering; it refreshes us to be with those who have suffered little and are enjoying themselves. But it is good for us to be depressed now and then.
    Samuel Butler (1835–1902)

    Some [adolescent] girls are depressed because they have lost their warm, open relationship with their parents. They have loved and been loved by people whom they now must betray to fit into peer culture. Furthermore, they are discouraged by peers from expressing sadness at the loss of family relationships—even to say they are sad is to admit weakness and dependency.
    Mary Pipher (20th century)

    Foster the labor of our country by an undeviating metallic currency ... always recollecting that if labor is depressed neither commerce nor manufactures can flourish, as they are both based upon the production of labor, produced from the earth, or the mineral world.
    Andrew Jackson (1767–1845)