Declarative may refer to:

  • Declarative learning, acquiring information that one can speak about
  • Declarative memory, one of two types of long term human memory
  • Declarative programming, a computer programming paradigm
  • Declarative sentence, a type of sentence that makes a statement

Other articles related to "declarative":

Realis Mood - Declarative
... The declarative mood (abbreviated DEC) indicates that the statement is true, without any qualifications being made ...
Sentence Function - Declarative Vs. Affirmative Vs. Positive
... A declarative statement should not be deemed synonymous with an affirmative one ... This is because although a declarative statement can state facts (given that the speaker is not consciously lying), it can also express something which is ... Therefore, a declarative can be either in the affirmative or in the negative, and we can say that, Joanna is late and Joanna is not late, both technically qualify ...
Sentence Function - Communicative Vs. Informative - Informative Sentences - Declarative
... The declarative sentence is the most common kind of sentence in language, in most situations, and in a way can be considered the default function of a sentence ... a question or give a command, the base form will always be the declarative ... In its most basic sense, a declarative states an idea (either objectively or subjectively on the part of the speaker and may be either true or false) for the sheer purpose of transferring intel ...
Statement (logic)
... In logic a statement is either (a) a meaningful declarative sentence that is either true or false, or (b) that which a true or false declarative sentence asserts ... used the term "Statement" to make the point that two declarative sentences can make the same statement if they say the same thing in different ways ... tastes good." "Pegasus exists." The first two examples are not declarative sentences and therefore are not (or do not make) statements ...