Cristina may refer to:

  • Cristina, a municipality (pop. 548) in the Spanish province of Badajoz
  • Cristina (Brazil), a municipality in Brazil
  • Cristina (film)
  • Cristina, a genus of harvestmen (daddy long-legs), eight-legged invertebrate animals

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Cristina Eustace - Vive El Sueño - De Los Pies Hasta La Frente and Jamás Te Dejaré
... chapter on the powers of song, the Mexican Cristina started to promote her album for the Mexican public "De los Pies hasta la Frente," Regional Mexican music, this album shows her romantic side ... Although her followers knew playing different genres, Cristina tried to nurture this album with the music she grew up also includes a domestic violence song ... Cristina admitted her participation in "Viva el Sueño" was only to be released throughout the United States and "refresh" the memory of the people that she is a new artist ...
Captive (2005 Film) - Plot
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Cristina, Daughter Of Edward The Exile
... Cristina, daughter of Edward the Exile and Agatha, was the sister of Edgar Ætheling and Saint Margaret of Scotland, born in the 1040s ... for educational purposes, and that her aunt Cristina had veiled her to protect her "from the lust of the Normans." Edith claimed she had pulled the veil off and stamped on it, and ... Cristina's land-holdings in Ulverley, Warwickshire and Gloucestershire are recorded in the Domesday Book ...