Court Martial of Breaker Morant - "Eight Boers" Case

"Eight Boers" Case

The trial recommenced on 31 January 1902 with the cases of the eight Boers allegedly shot after surrendering. No hint had been given to the men about the guilty verdict in the Visser case. The case had barely commenced before the prosecutor, Captain Burns-Begg, and two of the court members, Maj. Ousley DSO and Captain Marshall, were replaced by other officers: Major Bolton took over as prosecutor and Captains Matcham and Brown took the place of Ousley and Marshall. Witton acknowledged in his account that he had shot a Boer who had tried to grab Witton's carbine.

They were also charged with the murder of Trooper Van Beuren, a Boer member of the Carbineers suspected of being a spy, whom Handcock stated had been killed by Boers while they were out on patrol.

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