Cosmic Microwave Background

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Cosmic Inflation - Observational Status
... further confirmation, most impressively by the detailed observations of the cosmic microwave background made by the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe ... confirmed by the WMAP spacecraft and other cosmic microwave background experiments, and galaxy surveys, especially the ongoing Sloan Digital Sky Survey ... Another effect has been remarked upon since the first cosmic microwave background satellite, the Cosmic Background Explorer the amplitude of the quadrupole moment of the cosmic microwave background is ...
Steady State Theory - History
... the refutation of the steady-state theory came with the discovery of the cosmic microwave background radiation in 1965, which was predicted by the Big Bang theory ... Stephen Hawking said that the fact that microwave radiation had been found, and that it was thought to be left over from the Big Bang, was "the final nail in the coffin of the steady-st ... Within the steady state theory this background radiation is the result of light from ancient stars which has been scattered by galactic dust ...
List Of Cosmic Microwave Background Experiments
... There have been a variety of experiments to measure the Cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation anisotropies and polarization since its first observation in 1964 by Penzias and Wilson ... The design of cosmic microwave background experiments is a very challenging task ... Many improved microwave amplifier technologies have been designed for microwave background applications ...
Timeline Of Knowledge About Galaxies, Clusters Of Galaxies, And Large-scale Structure - Late 20th Century
... density dipole agrees with the direction of the cosmic microwave background temperature dipole, 1987 — David Burstein, Roger Davies, Alan Dressler, Sandra Faber, Donald Lynden-Bell, R.J ... which is free of biases, 1992 — First detection of large-scale structure in the cosmic microwave background indicating the seeds of the first clusters of galaxies in the ... of accelerating universe 2000 — Data from several cosmic microwave background experiments give strong evidence that the Universe is "flat" (space is not curved, although space-ti ...
Creationist Cosmologies
... Young Earth creationists re-interpret phenomena such as galactic redshifts and the cosmic microwave background to fit into their beliefs, though there is no single ... of the Hubble Law in 1929, and later by the discovery of the cosmic microwave background radiation by Arno Allan Penzias and Robert Woodrow Wilson in 1964 ...

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