Correct Response

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Jeopardy! In Merchandising - Gameplay - Jeopardy! Round
... A correct response adds the dollar value of the clue to the contestant's score, and gives them the opportunity to select the next clue from the board ... An incorrect response or a failure to respond within a five-second time limit (shown by the red lights on the contestant's lectern) deducts the dollar value of the clue from the ... If none of the contestants give a correct response, the host reads the correct response and the contestant who selected the previous clue chooses the next clue ...
Vuze Release History
... default 24h) Core
Celebrity Jeopardy! (Saturday Night Live) - The Sketch
... including categories whose titles suggest that the contestants will be able to infer the correct response without even reading the clues, such as "Colors that End ... to write their own clue and respond to it, or make any mark whatsoever to earn a correct response ... Connery occasionally provides the correct response, but uses his wager to transform the text into a rude phrase ...
Differential Item Functioning - Description
... In this case, Y refers to a response to a particular test item which is determined by the latent construct being measured ... Therefore, response Y is conditional on the latent trait (θ) ... To illustrate, consider an item with response options 0 and 1, where Y = 0 indicates an incorrect response, and Y = 1 indicates a correct response ...

Famous quotes containing the words response and/or correct:

    Parents’ accepting attitudes can help children learn to be open and tolerant. Parents can explain unfamiliar behavior or physical handicaps and show children that the appropriate response to differences should be interest rather than revulsion.
    Dian G. Smith (20th century)

    The taste is in my mouth a little; and this, no doubt, disqualifies me, to some extent, to form correct opinions.
    Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865)