• (verb): Continue in a place, position, or situation.
    Synonyms: stay, stay on, remain
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Some articles on continue:

Wimzie's House - Legal Troubles
... LLC and Carson-Dellosa Publishing Company denied and continue to deny any wrongdoing or liability for infringement ... A confidential settlement allowed CINAR to continue broadcasting the series, selling show merchandise, and a "mechanism for preserving the distinctive look of Jim Henson ... It's also good news that WIMZIE'S HOUSE will continue to enjoy such a broad audience on PBS in the U.S ...
Aluminij - Criticism
... civil war, the company "...pursued a policy of ethnic discrimination, the effects of which continue to be felt, and elements of which continue to be practised" leading the company to ... Amnesty continue to monitor the company ...
Fault-tolerant Design
... fault-tolerant design is a design that enables a system to continue operation, possibly at a reduced level (also known as graceful degradation), rather than failing completely, when some ... computer-based systems designed to continue more or less fully operational with, perhaps, a reduction in throughput or an increase in response time in the event ... An example in another field is a motor vehicle designed so it will continue to be drivable if one of the tires is punctured ...
Bedaux Expedition - The Journey
... radio operator and announced that the party would continue without a radio ... The party was lauded for its bravery and determination to continue on despite this terrible setback ... die of diseases and the route simply proved too arduous to continue ...
Sunset Advisory Commission - Duties
... can be any of the following Continue the agency as is Continue the agency with modifications (including moving functions from the agency to other agencies, moving functions from other agencies into it, and ... Generally, the legislation will allow the agency to continue for an additional 12 years (six biennial sessions), but may be shortened in order to equalize the number and size of agencies to be reviewed each biennium ... The Legislature must pass specific legislation to continue an agency's existence and to define its roles and responsibilities, and has complete freedom to amend or reject ...

More definitions of "continue":

  • (verb): Keep or maintain in unaltered condition; cause to remain or last.
    Example: "Continue the family tradition"
    Synonyms: uphold, carry on, bear on, preserve
  • (verb): Allow to remain in a place or position.
    Example: "We cannot continue several servants any longer"
    Synonyms: retain, keep, keep on, keep going
  • (verb): Continue after an interruption.
    Example: "The demonstration continued after a break for lunch"
  • (verb): Exist over a prolonged period of time.
    Example: "The bad weather continued for two more weeks"

Famous quotes containing the word continue:

    I do not think white America is committed to granting equality to the American Negro ... this is a passionately racist country; it will continue to be so in the foreseeable future.
    Susan Sontag (b. 1933)

    Will women find themselves in the same position they have always been? Or do we see liberation as solving the conditions of women in our society?... If we continue to shy away from this problem we will not be able to solve it after independence. But if we can say that our first priority is the emancipation of women, we will become free as members of an oppressed community.
    Ruth Mompati (b. 1925)

    While you continue to grow fatter and richer publishing your nauseating confectionery, I shall become a mole, digging here, rooting there, stirring up the whole rotten mess where life is hard, raw and ugly.
    Norman Reilly Raine (1895–1971)