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Memory Divider - Example
... Then, the base memory clock will operate at (Memory Divider) × (FSB) = 1 × 200 = 200 MHz and the effective memory clock would be 400 MHz since it's a DDR system ("DDR" stands for Double Data Rate the effective ... we overclock FSB to 250 MHz so that CPU operates at 10 × 250 MHz = 2.5 GHz and memory clock operates at 250 MHz (Memory Divider × FSB) ... Since DDR-400 RAM is used then effective memory clock (Actual Memory Frequency) will be 500 MHz ...
Extended Industry Standard Architecture - History
... The original IBM PC included five 8-bit slots, running at the system clock speed of 4.77 MHz ... in 1984, had three 8-bit slots and five 16-bit slots, all running at the system clock speed of 6 MHz in the earlier models and 8 MHz in the last version of the computer ... was that as PC clones became more common, PC manufacturers began ratcheting up the processor speed to maintain a competitive advantage ...
LapLink Cable - Comparison To Null Modem Cables
... port versus the serial port, a LapLink cable is able to shift data more quickly at the same clock speed, which was important at the time it was developed, since clock speeds then were ... However, the clock speed of any parallel interface is limited due to the need to synchronize all of the signals representing data bits (and, to a lesser extent, all of the other ... At very high clock speeds, these very small time differences become significant, causing an upper limit on the usable clock speed of the parallel interface ...
ATI Video Card Suffixes - Descriptions/Common Features
... available, the bit width of the video RAM interface, and the clock speed of the graphics core and video RAM ... to how much data, in bits, can be read from or written to the memory every clock cycle the memory goes through ... Clock Speeds This is the clock speed that the graphics core and video RAM run at they do not need to be the same ...
Secure Digital - Technical Details - Interface - Electrical Interface
... the SD card to switch to a higher transfer speed ... Until determining the card's capabilities, the host device should not use a clock speed faster than 400 kHz ... cards other than SDIO (see below) have a "Default Speed" clock rate of 25 MHz ...

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