Circular Object

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Arago Spot - Experimental Aspects - The Circular Object's Surface Roughness
... to small-scale deviations from the ideal circular cross-section ... This means that a small amount of surface roughness of the circular object can completely cancel out the bright spot ... includes a regular sinusoidal corrugation of the circular shape of amplitude 10 µm, 50 µm and 100 µm, respectively ...
Arago Spot
... spot, or Poisson spot is a bright point that appears at the center of a circular object's shadow due to Fresnel diffraction ... The wave source must be at least smaller in diameter than the circular object casting the shadow and the dimensions of the setup must comply with the requirements for Fresnel diffraction ... the Fresnel number must satisfy where d is the diameter of the circular object l is the distance between the object and the screen λ the wavelength of the source Finally, the edge of the ...
Bonsall, Derbyshire - UFO Sightings
... On 5 October 2000, Sharon Rowlands photographed a circular object ... The circular object showed a similarity to a circular object seen on the STS-75 Columbia Space Shuttle mission in early 1996. ...

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