Choice Architecture - 'Choice Architecture' Concept

'Choice Architecture' Concept

Choice architecture seeks to affect outcomes through the manner in which the person or organization presents the choice to the decision-maker. For example, nations that require citizens to opt-out of organ transplant donation have a significantly higher organ-donor rate than nations where the citizens must affirmatively choose to take part (opt-in). Another technique suggested is laying out various outcomes of a decision in a way that is easy for the choice-maker to understand.

The concept of choice architecture exists in a number of fields. See for example the work of B. J. Fogg on computers as persuasive technologies; the concept of permission marketing as described by Seth Godin; and as shaping operations in military science. Choice Architecture is also similar to the concept of "heresthetics," or manipulation that changes outcomes without changing people's underlying preferences, described by political scientist William H. Riker;

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