CH - Mathematics and Programming

Mathematics and Programming

  • Chomsky hierarchy, in computer science, a containment hierarchy of classes of formal grammars
  • Continuum hypothesis, in set theory
  • Hyperbolic cosine, in mathematics, a hyperbolic function, ch(x) = cosh(x)
  • Curry–Howard correspondence, the relationship between computer programs and mathematical proofs
  • CH register, the high byte of an X86 16-bit CX register
  • Ch, a cross-platform C/C++ interpreter

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Famous quotes containing the words mathematics and, programming and/or mathematics:

    I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy.
    John Adams (1735–1826)

    If there is a price to pay for the privilege of spending the early years of child rearing in the driver’s seat, it is our reluctance, our inability, to tolerate being demoted to the backseat. Spurred by our success in programming our children during the preschool years, we may find it difficult to forgo in later states the level of control that once afforded us so much satisfaction.
    Melinda M. Marshall (20th century)

    ... though mathematics may teach a man how to build a bridge, it is what the Scotch Universities call the humanities, that teach him to be civil and sweet-tempered.
    Amelia E. Barr (1831–1919)