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Other Properties of The Nine-point Circle
... Figure 4 The center of any nine-point circle (the nine-point center) lies on the corresponding triangle's Euler line, at the midpoint between that triangle's orthocenter and circumcenter ... The nine-point center lies at the centroid of four points comprising the triangle's three vertices and its orthocenter ... vertices and the orthocenter are reflections of the triangle's midpoints about its nine-point center ...
Properties of A General Tetrahedron
... It has respective centers such as incenter, circumcenter, excenters, Spieker center and points such as a centroid ... Gaspard Monge found a center that exists in every tetrahedron, now known as the Monge point the point where the six midplanes of a tetrahedron intersect ... The center T of the twelve-point sphere also lies on the Euler line ...

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    A heavy summons lies like lead upon me,
    And yet I would not sleep.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    Whenever there’s a big war coming on, you should rope off a big field. And on the big day, you should take all the kings and their cabinets and their generals, put ‘em in the center dressed in their underpants and let them fight it out with clubs. The best country wins.
    Maxwell Anderson (1888–1959)