Cell Membranes

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Human Fertilization - Fusion - Cell Membranes
... The cell membranes of the secondary oocyte and sperm fuse. ...
Antimicrobial Peptides - Selectivity - Factors
... Since the surface of the bacterial membranes is more negatively charged than mammalian cells, antimicrobial peptides will show different affinities towards the bacterial membranes and mammalian cell membranes ... is normally widely distributed in the mammalian cell membranes as a membrane stabilizing agents but absent in bacterial cell membranes and the presence of these cholesterols will also generally ... So the cholesterol in mammalian cells will protect the cells from attack by the antimicrobial peptides ...
Examples of Phenotypic Plasticity - Animals - Temperature
... across taxa, such as changes in the lipid composition of cell membranes ... Temperature change influences the fluidity of cell membranes by affecting the motion of the fatty acyl chains of glycerophospholipids ... Because maintaining membrane fluidity is critical for cell function, ectotherms adjust the phospholipid composition of their cell membranes such that the strength of van der Waals forces ...

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    The cause of Sense, is the External Body, or Object, which presseth the organ proper to each Sense, either immediately, as in the Taste and Touch; or mediately, as in Seeing, Hearing, and Smelling: which pressure, by the mediation of Nerves, and other strings, and membranes of the body, continued inwards to the Brain, and Heart, causeth there a resistance, or counter- pressure, or endeavor of the heart, to deliver it self: which endeavor because Outward, seemeth to be some matter without.
    Thomas Hobbes (1579–1688)

    I turn and turn in my cell like a fly that doesn’t know where to die.
    Antonio Gramsci (1891–1937)