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Hippocampus Anatomy - Hippocampal Cells and Layers - Hippocampus Proper
... The horned appearance of the hippocampus is caused by cell density differentials and the existence of varying degrees of neuronal fibers ... The cell bodies of inhibitory basket cells and horizontal trilaminar cells, named for their axons innervating three layers-- the oriens, pyramidal, and radiatum are located in ... neurons are also found here, where they receive input from other pyramidal cells, septal fibers and commissural fibers from the contralateral hippocampus (usually recurrent connections, especially in CA3 and ...
Esophageal Plexus - Sympathetic Fibers
... sympathetic postganglionic fibers- The cell bodies of these fibers are located in the sympathetic trunk ganglia ... The cell bodies of the preganglionic fibers, the first neuron of this two neuron chain, are located in the intermediolateral cell column (IMLCC) of the thoracic spinal cord ... Afferent fibers- These fibers are primarily concerned with pain and have cell bodies located in the dorsal root ganglion ...
Brain Fitness - Mental Stimulation - Role of Neurotrophins
... Neurotrophins also assist cell fate decisions, innervations patterns, the development of axons, dendrite pruning, etc ... NGF is known have a predominant effect on the sympathetic ganglion cells and dorsal root ganglion cells with free nerve endings and the cholinergic neurons of the basal nucleus ... Sympathetic ganglion cells are masses of neuronal cell bodies in the in the sympathetic branch of the visceral (autonomic) nervous system ...
Structure - Spinal Cord Segments
... These ganglia contain cell bodies of sensory neurons ... roots consist of axons from motor neurons, which bring information to the periphery from cell bodies within the CNS ... The gray matter, in the center of the cord, is shaped like a butterfly and consists of cell bodies of interneurons and motor neurons ...
Anatomy of The Olivocochlear System - Cell Bodies of Origin
... More recently, however, the division of the OCB is based on the cell bodies’ site of origin in the brainstem relative to the medial superior olive (MSO) ... The MOCS neurons are large multipolar cells, while the LOCS are classically defined as composed of small spherical cells ... Thus, LOCS class cell bodies within the LSO are referred to as intrinsic LOCS neurons, while those surrounding the LSO are referred to as shell, or extrinsic, LOCS neurons ...

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