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Narwhals is a looped animated music video, much like Weebl's earlier work "Scampi", and is animated by Wonchop. This music video is about the narwhal, and, throughout the song, a list of "facts" are presented as to why narwhals are awesome. They are variously described as being, among other things, "the Jedi of the sea" and "inventors of the Shish Kebab". This is accompanied by claims that narwhals could "beat a polar bear in a fight" or that they can "stop Cthulhu eating ye", with a warning to not allow narwhals to make contact with one's testicles.
The story displayed in giraffe is that of a man who has not been able to sleep due to the loud stomping of a giraffe that has taken up residence in his loft. The man then proceeds to kick the giraffe out of his house, giving the excuse that the roof space was quite low anyway. Within an hour the giraffe has re-entered the man's house, along with three elephant friends. The giraffe is accused of wearing the chimney of the house as a scarf and then laughing at the man's misfortune.
Demolition Squid
Demolition Squid is a trailer for a movie that is "based on a true story" and features "the motion captured performance of Tom Hanks" (referencing the movie The Polar Express, which was released shortly before this cartoon). In the movie, a squid wearing a hard hat uses demolition equipment to defeat his enemies. For example, he " to destroy the orphanage before Hitler Baby can escape" and uses a wrecking ball to demolish the orphanage. He also blows up a woman's house, perceiving it as a threat. We find out at the end of the trailer that the buildings are in fact dangerous when a bank rises up off the ground and is revealed to be a monster. Demolition Squid's frequently-used catchphrase is "Oh, Shiiiiiiiit!". Demolition Squid is an obvious parody of the over-the-top action movie trailers which feature an exaggeratedly deep-voiced narrator and cheesy catchphrases or oneliners. The subtitle for the movie is "Calamari Democracy", a reference to the video game Katamari Damacy.
Released April 5, 2005 as a joke, at the time there had not been a recent video of decent length. News articles posted on the site claimed the staff had been working on an amazing short. This video was claimed to be that amazing animation, much to everyone's surprise. However, the real animation was Demolition Squid. The short blurb that accompanies each of Weebl's toons simply reads "aaaaaaaaaahahaha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. ahahahaaah ahhhh aaaah." aaaaaaaaaaaaahaha features what appears to be an anthropomorphic strip of bacon dancing along with a naked humanoid creature lacking the top part of a skull with a spoon embedded in its brain. The exclamation "aaaaaaaaaaaaahaha", described as a cross between a scream and a laugh, is heard in the background with a simple tune. Like many of Weebl's toons, this one loops.
Patrick Moore (Plays the Xylophone)
A paean to British astronomer and national treasure, Sir Patrick Moore. The animation shows him flying through space to play on his xylophone for some dancing Martians. B3ta founder Rob Manuel had the idea behind this cartoon. (Note that Sir Patrick Moore could actually play the xylophone, until arthritis made it impossible.)
The movie Breadfish features a single underwater scene of fish embedded in loaves of bread drifting past the viewer, and is representative of the many minor cartoons on the site. It too has looping music (describing the marvelous breadfish as an "inverse sandwich, for fishermen and sharks), but the loop is much shorter than those for the most famous cartoons. It is also reminiscent of the After Dark "flying toaster" screen savers. As of November 2006, Breadfish has been viewed 1.96 million times on the official website, and possibly many more on other sites. The cartoon has generated much controversy in online forums over whether the lyrics refer to a "marvelous breadfish" or a "motherless breadfish". The latter name, which is largely believed to be a misunderstanding of the lyrics, is often the preferred understanding of the lyrics, causing disappointment to those who learn the breadfish are "marvelous" instead of "motherless". It has even been the namesake of at least one trivia team.

Lyrics:Tell me, have you seen the marvelous Breadfish; Swimming in the ocean water; Have you seen the marvelous Breadfish; It's like an inverse sandwich; An owe for fisherman and sharks.

The movie Scampi features a purposefully marching man in military garb singing 'I've seen things, I've seen them with my eyes; I've seen things, they're often in disguise', then naming various items such as carrots, handbags, cheese, toilets, Russians, planets, hamsters, weddings, poets, Stalin, Kuala Lumpur, pygmies and budgies. An image of each (in its appropriate disguise) is given as it is named; the focal item is the city of Kuala Lumpur, whose image is a map of Malaysia on which the city has been re-labelled "France" to spoof a Simpsons episode. As with other cartoons on the site, the action is set to looping music. The loop goes out of sync with the music after a while. A "remix" was added later, which features identical audio but more detailed animation. In this version,the soldier wore red and Kuala Lumpur is first disguised as Florida and then a koala, and the pygmy and budgie are sinister, blowing the soldier to pieces with rocket launchers on the second'I've seen things, I've seen them with my eyes; I've seen things, they're often in disguise',to which a box, marked "One Marching Soldier", produces yet another soldier to repeat the cycle.

As of July 2007, Scampi has been viewed 4.95 million times on the official website, and possibly many more on other sites.

The Movie Dugong is based on the mammal of the same name, and features Dugongs wearing top hats. It mentions that it is "The cow of the sea", where a cow from the first Magical Trevor cameos. It also mentions that it is "also known as the manatee"; and that it "doesn't have wings (because that is silly)"; nor does it live in a tree, for the same reason. It also notes that "compared to the dolphin (its very close cousin), it's quite ugly". Actually, dugongs are closer relatives to afrotheres, especially elephants. Also, dugongs and manatees are completely different species. Dugongs are part of the Family Dugonginae (along with the extinct Steller's Sea Cow), while manatees are part of the Family Trichechidae.
The animation Chutney is a somewhat haphazard Weebl toon, which starts with a skydiver leaping from an airplane proclaiming "Urine!" A fellow skydiver pulls alongside and corrects him, saying "I think you mean 'wee!'". The first skydiver argues that he "is a big boy now" right before they land on a cloud. The cloud reveals a face and says "BOOM!" in a high-pitched voice. The second skydiver pokes his head above the cloud and into viewing range. "Did this cloud just speak?" he inquires, mere moments before the cloud detonates, killing both men. The cartoon continues with an English lord-like character and a stereotypical Frenchman called Passepartout on board a hot air balloon that descends into the frame. (this is possibly a reference to a scene in the 1956 film Around the World in 80 Days) The English character says "Look at them, they're all dead!" and proceeds to laugh to the point of breathlessness at the skydivers' misfortune. He catches his breath and requests that the Frenchman give him some more tea. The Frenchman tells him that they have run out, and the angry Englishman expresses his disgust with the Frenchman. The Frenchman "judo kicks" the Englishman at his rude remark. He is ejected from the hot air balloon to the Frenchman's angry cry of "That is for ABBA!", implying that the band are English. Although the Englishman is falling to his death, he swiftly and calmly replies, "They were Swedish!" The Frenchman rolls up his sleeves and journeys to Sweden to fight because of his hatred of the pop group, and is told to join a queue. The animation cuts to two more characters waiting in a line. One queries if this is the line for fighting, and the other (looking above news newspaper entitled "poo") replies, "No, this is the line for chutney!" The song of the animation begins and we hear of how chutney is a tasty addition to papadums or one's main course. The main chorus involves chants of "Chutney!" with large spinning heads - Jonti Picking's own - acting as background singers. Early in the song, we see the Englishman from the hot air balloon finally fall to the ground, where he is later taken away by an ambulance. After the chorus, the song loops endlessly and the beginning of the animation is not viewed unless the animation is refreshed.
The animation starts with an animated cartoon phallic Frenchman (obvious since he's wearing a beret as well as a striped shirt) singing "Bonjour, monsieur" over and over again, standing in front of five trees. The music is a simple and uplifting beat with a rapid bass-line. After the Frenchman has sung his tune for a bit, all the while disappearing and reappearing all over the scenery, he disappears and instead a cartoon-version of Elvis appears singing about how he wants some "underpants" and later about the apparent lack of underpants in France, all the while lamenting that lack of underpants in said country. He then reminds the viewer to bring underpants if the viewer ever goes to France. He then disappears and is replaced by the earlier Frenchman singing the chorus, who is also joined by a bird-like creature sitting in one of the trees and singing a high-pitched harmony. For the grand finale the Frenchman shows that he's not wearing any pants at all, neither is he wearing trousers, in fact he's dangling a cartoon penis in rhythm with the music and singing the same verse as the Elvis-like character from before (as the bird watches in horror) but claims in the end that "No one in France needs the underpants!". Also, the sky has been replaced with the French flag.
The Crabs animation concerns a bag full of crabs and man who puts all of said crabs in his mouth. He then proceeds to run around town, bleeding profusely, gathering much attention from the locals. During the scat singing section of the song, he begins jumping around to the beat of the music, splattering blood on the ground with each landing. At the end, he remarks "That's how I'll sound with a mouthful of crabs." The music is somewhat different from other Weebl songs, as it has a strong reggae/ska influence in comparison to the usual electro-pop songs of the other cartoons. There is also a version of the Crabs song using the same soundtrack, using Garry's Mod for Half-Life 2. This version uses the Headcrab, Dr. Isaac Kleiner and Civil Protection models and the map cs_italy from Counter-Strike: Source. The events in this version are almost identical to the original. This version has been converted into flash for adding to the official site by Jonti, with the only differences being that it loops and sound effects (collision on walls) are removed.
This toon begins with the female narrator's voice, starting out in a story-book fashion, saying "Once upon a time, in a far off land, there lived a-", followed by the start of the looping portion of the song. The screen shows mangoes running, jumping, flipping, and generally acting as if they're happy to be mangoes. The action then moves on to a ship, where a pirate is harassing a captain for "his booty". More mango-inspired joy ensues for a bit, then we're taken to the Mango Vatican where the Mango Pope issues his blessings over a hoard of apples. After that, a female mango dances and jumps around with maracas and wearing a tall hat made of fruit (reminiscent of Carmen Miranda). The song then loops, minus the beginning narration.
This is a song which begins stating that they are going to Bognor Regis because they have heard Bognor Regis is panda free. So they can plant cucumbers because pandas are the cucumber's enemy. It then states that the only way for a cucumber to escape a panda is by driving a go-kart down the street.
This animation loop begins by stating that everyone is fond of owls, except for mice and shrews (and Simon Cowell). It continues with several threats to Simon Cowell as the owls hunt him, then "exposes" him as the "King of the Beavers", suggesting a grand conflict between owls and beavers.
This toon simply features a deranged looking person, dressed in a pink shirt and underpants, dancing manically to a song that goes "Oh my word, this tune is annoying, yes I know, It's really annoying, I can't get this song out of my head. Make it stop this tune is annoying, I gotta go to work in the morning, now I'm gonna be hummin' it in my bed," parodying the catchiness of Weebl's songs. Like many of the site's toons, it plays in an infinite loop. The notes listed under "Credits" underneath the animation state "Quicky to pass the time till Magical Trevor 2 is finished."
A looping toon about a man riding a blimp, proclaiming that "everybody needs to get a blimp, 'cause blimps are pretty pimp". It then goes on to explain how helium is better suited to filling blimps than various other gases. Finally, Godzilla (who makes a cameo appearance) advises against inhaling helium, despite its aforementioned properties.
Amazing Horse
A man in Victorian dress, riding a horse, approaches a woman by a river and tells her all about his horse, including how it turns into a plane when its mane is stroked, and reverts back into a horse when its "winkie" is pulled, offending the woman. Noticing her offense, he notes that it would not be wise if he showed her where lemonade is made. He offers to take her "around the universe and all the other places too" to which the woman points out that the universe is technically everything. Then, due to his apparent disregard for her statement, the man (in a stern manner) tells her to stop talking and get on his horse. This toon loops indefinitely (presumably in case the woman forgets). There have been several versions of various genres produced, as well as a jazz version made by Weebl and a heavy metal cover by Tommy Johansson. Weebl later extended his song, adding more, albeit similar lyrics. In the new verse the man talks about his horse's bulletproof hooves and purple scrotum, brought about by "custom stylings" and a "two-tone paint job". The extended version of the song is available in the Rock Band Network in Rock Band 3.
A four-man heavy metal band of pixellated mushrooms parodying various forms of metal, detailing the various objects they can grow on and sneaking into a man's house to grow in the fridge, then chasing out the man with a giant knife. An extended version of a segment from 8 Bit Pwny Club 2.
This animation loop, created by Peabo, extols the virtues of waffles, both the Belgian and potato varieties, and suggests they were invented by Gandhi. It includes imagery from Child's Play and Pulp Fiction. It also briefly shows two waffles having intercourse, so this particular toon is especially not for children.
Scotch Egg
This movie opens with three Scotch Eggs bouncing up and down. The video tells us that "it's the egg from Scotland", and tells us more about their virtues. Later, it is told that the Scotch egg was actually invented in London in 1851 by the shop Fortnum & Mason, and then a real Scottish egg comes along and squashes the "false" Scotch Egg with its fist.
This animation loop features a man repeating the word mustaches four times before an underdressed female starts singing about a large variety of differents moustaches including Mexican, foo manchu, handlebar, horseshoe, pencil, toothbrush, walrus and dalĂ­. She then alerts us to the fact that she wants to touch them, followed by the man exclaiming about a moustache's ability to add class to anyone who is lucky enough to have one. Following this the song changes from light rock to heavy rock with the addition of lead guitar played by the man as he yells about the laser's ability to cut his moustaches and how people should avert their gazes as to not hurt their eyes. He then insults a man with a beard and notifies him that he is inferior. The song finishes with a repeat of the above apart from the last 2 lines in which he draws attention to the fact that a moustache is in some ways a sex magnet.
Russian Dancing Men
A video animated by Peabo revolving around a group of dancing Russians who do various things, mostly boogying. An iOS music video game based on the animation, which features various other Weebl's Stuff songs and gameplay similar to Vib Ribbon, was released on the App Store on October 28, 2011.
At the start of this video, several armadillos are shown jumping up and down. A duck points to one of them, pointing out that he's filling pillows with potpourri and selling them by the side of the road. The duck approaches the armadillo and inquires as to whether he has a business license, to which the armadillo replies that no, he does not. The duck is not surprised, and warns the armadillo that he should be careful if he doesn't want to pay a fine. The duck then notices that when a nine-banded armadillo is startled, it will jump, often resulting in traffic-related fatalities. He proceeds to scare three different armadillos, leading to three such incidents. He then does the same to TV show host Dr. Phil, who he had apparently mistaken for another armadillo, and expresses displeasure at his mistake.

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