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Coat Of Arms Of The Romanian Ministry Of Administration And Interior - Border Police
... The heraldic ensigns of the Border Police consist of the following elements large blue shield with a crusader golden eagle, having its head turned to the right, red peak and claws, open wings, holding a silver ... swords evokes the idea of guarding and control, as well as the inviolability of the Romanian borders ... from the innocence, suggesting, as a whole, the constant guarding of the national borders ...
Palestinian Fedayeen - History - Emergence
... was economic in nature, with Palestinians crossing the border seeking food or the recovery of property lost in the 1948 war ... with this restriction the Egyptian Government’s answer was to form a Palestinian para-military police force ... The Palestinian Border police was created in December 1952 ...
2001 In Afghanistan - September
... tapes, along with investigation files from the religious police ... separate their own activities from the activities of terrorists harbored within their borders ... Iran announced it deployed military and police forces to seal its 560 mile border with Afghanistan to prevent a possible influx of refugees ...
Border Guards By Country - Italy
... In Italy the border police service is covered by the Guardia di Finanza, a branch of the Italian Army under the command of the Finance Minister mostly, the Guardia di Finanza (or Fiamme Gialle) fight against ... Also, many border posts are staffed by Carabinieri ... The Immigration and Border Police also performs border police duties ...
Afghan National Police - History
... The modern Afghan police force has its origins to the Hotaki and Durrani Empire in the early 18th century, and over the centuries it was slowly modernized ... the Taliban regime in late 2001, there was little in the nation resembling a functional police department as private armed militias of warlords quickly filled yet again the vacuum left behind by a lack of central ... exercised little control over provincial police structures and was unable to effectively secure the remote provinces ...

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    The duties which a police officer owes to the state are of a most exacting nature. No one is compelled to choose the profession of a police officer, but having chosen it, everyone is obliged to live up to the standard of its requirements. To join in that high enterprise means the surrender of much individual freedom.
    Calvin Coolidge (1872–1933)

    Liberal hopefulness
    Regards death as a mere border to an improving picture.
    William Empson (1906–1984)